February 19th

School Children in Mumbai, IndiaJust arriving in India -- Mumbai -- all right!

Having been sitting next to some nice folks on their way to see relatives -- Ramik Santi Shah Ramik and Candra Desai. Their sons are 24 and 25 and are both economists working in London -- educated in LA and they did lots of surfing as well. A nephew lives in Laguna Beach. The parents want them to meet good Indian girls -- Ah, the wish of parents.

Been a great flight. Feels like nothing (8hours). It will feel different to be on land. The children on board have been great. One little girl -- one year old -- reminds me of Peris.

Well, this is Master's trip. I hope to stay in unbroken attunement. I hope I didn't bend the passenger's ears too much about SRF.

It's 12:10am Mumbai time.