March 11th

Off to Babaji's cave -- I can't believe we thought we could hike this in a day. After about an hour’s drive, we hike for about an hour over trails and farms. We reach the mandir just completed last year. After a short rest, we hike another 40 yards or so at a steep angle.

Our guide, Charlene, has the key to open the gate to the cave. Charleen was from Alaska and had sold everything and quit her job to stay in India. She lived in a cave for two weeks and the villagers brought her food.

We sat in Babaji's cave for a while trying to be receptive to his blessings. After we got back to the mandir we sat and had lunch. One of the guides with us, a lady from Austria, made some simple but tasty vegetarian cutlets.

The high altitude affected Verna greatly. We took turns piggy-backing her to the bus. The driver assistant was the first to reach her. Both the drivers are great guys.

Leaving Dwarahut Ashram – so beautiful pranaming to the Swamiji and the group of devotees who arrived the night before for a weekend youth camp.

I met a young man named Chanden (which means 'Sandalwood', the name of the street I live on. How cool is that) with bright-eyes and, like Luther Burbank, without guile. Master's family is indeed growing. He lives in a town near Delhi – a spiritual brother – Bengali Babu. He thought I was only twenty-five and was shocked that I had grown children. His reaction was so sweet.

There was also a group of young women and one with a very bright personality. She always like to say 'Jai Guru' like I do. Her name is Raki (my niece has the same name). On parting, she declared that we would all be 'together' in meditations.

Then there was an elderly man, about 65, whom I spoke with briefly. He came up and just stared at my eyes with such light and love. Later this reminded me of my Dad. Jai Guru!

We then pranamed to the American and Austrian devotees who had helped us so much. It was just so beautiful.

We then left for the Mercury camp in Sivapuri at around 10:30am and did not arrive until the same time that night. The camp was expecting us the following morning so we slept in, on and around the bus. It was pretty magical lying in the sand, hearing the water 'Om' by, seeing the surrounding peaks silhouetted by the moon and stars.

The next morning we rafted across the Ganges to our campsite located on a beautiful beach along the river. Bob and I spent the day talking – we have great talks about Master and the teachings. Everyone else went rafting and had a wonderful time floating down the Ganges.

Bob and I fell asleep early that night and did not eat which was good.