MY INDIA by Cole Ragland

A Day By Day Travel Diary
India -- The Parker's Tour
Lead by Bob Polselli
February, 2004

Verna Black
Teri Persico
Ananda Pate
Jonathan Ward
Ewing Hughes
Michele Kripilani
Bob Polselli
Cole Ragland

Wednesday, February 18th

We've just landed at Heathrow airport and are waiting for a bay to open up.

We had a real nice meditation last night on the flight. I really felt Christ and the Gurus. We did our Energization while everyone else was sleeping. One day, these exercises of Masters will be practiced by all people, everywhere. Why, because they work like "mathematics".  Jonathan says this about coffee and he's right because just about everyone drinks it. And since coffee is a physical experience, it is fully accepted.

But Master's exercises will take a while due to its "meta physicality". It would be and will be neat to see people, at any time, do them as needed with the same acceptability.

It was very cool. While everyone was sleeping, we were sitting up straight and meditating. I wondered if the Indian passengers noticed or if they did, were inspired.

As Bob said we are totally blessed to have these teachings of SRF.