February 29th & March 1st

February 29th

We leave for Puri and the Mayfair Hotel. We land in Bhubanishwar and take the bus to the hotel – a seaside resort.

Down to the beach and a swim in the Bay of Bengal. Ah! Salt air and salt water. Water temperature is about 78 degrees but very windy – chopping the water. Severe currents and undertows with crushing waves. We did not go to far.

Have not eliminated for a couple of days. Bob recommends ground flax for normalization. So for now I eat lots of ripe bananas. Bob knows a lot about health and diet.

We visit Sri Yukteswar's Giri Karar seaside hermitage -- Yukteswars’s mandir, meditation hall, Master's meditation room. Lots of jackfruit trees – the Cauliflower Robbery.

Then it was onto the Jaganath Temple for more sightseeing. Westerners are not allowed inside, so our guide took us up to a roof of an apartment nearby. The temple has 700 cooks and 1900 priests.

Best part of being at the Mayfair is the sea, sand and Bob leading EE's and meditation on the beach.

March 1st

Visit Konorak Temple in South Puri. Kundalini stone work. Huge grounds; had nice meditation under a tree facing the temple.