March 3rd

Were up early for the airport for our flight to Varanarsi. Everyone is getting along real well no matter that we've been on the go most of the time.

Jonathan has a great sense of humor – real dry. Michele is super considerate and helpful especially letting everyone off load his or her digital pictures to his laptop. With Michele's laptop and external drives acting as data storage, he can take as many pictures as he wants. We should have quite a slide show when Michele and Ananda get back.

Bob is keeping everyone on track and he and I relate pretty well being householders on the path. Teri and Verna are hanging in there real well – Teri's stomach, Verna's feet. Ananda is a real trooper – aha youth.

Then Ewing – what a soul; what an ambassador. The people love him. This trip has been great for all of us. We have great fun talking about God, saints, SRF, experiences – lots of mirth.

Bob made a statement that as we progress along the path, the less we know -- the more 'insignificant' we become. God and Guru and our self-effort are slowly/rapidly chipping away our ego.

Saint Thomas Aquinas – a brilliant theologian who built the foundation for the Catholic religion said, after illumination, “ . . . all that I have written is but straw in the wind.”

We see everything happening with God and Guru behind it. The great granddaughter of Sananda, Master's brother, who lives at 4 Garpar Road, is so spiritual we all agreed.

She was asked about her self and she said that, with conviction and victory in her voice, she hadn't know defeat while following Master since early age. There was so much strength and power in her voice. She is totally aware of her blessings at being born in the Ghosh family.

Bob makes you realize that you should never try to change anyone. Flying over the Ganges into Varanarsi Master words come to mind, “India, where Ganges, wood and men dream God. I am hollowed to have tread her sod.”

It’s great! We talk God and Guru – like being in an ashram.

We visit Saranath where Buddha, after attaining enlightenment, preached his first sermon to his five companions. Law – turning of the wheel of law.

Beautiful green lawns and neem trees to meditate under. Also, huge, tall Stupas.

Then we went to Buddhist Monastery nearby. We each received a protective thread from the priest. We then meditated in front of the statue of Buddha. How Real it is.

Then we went to the market section of downtown Varanarsi. Wow! So crowded the cars do not venture in. We all got rickshaws and merged with the bicycles, people and motorcycles. Bob met a nice local who showed him where the bathroom was. So he and I talked for a short while. Then back to the Clark Hotel to clean up and eat.

Our waiter looks just like Brother Santoshananda – same facial expressions – especially the smile and soul humor. His eyebrows even moved the same. Wonder if he ever lived in Switzerland.

Stupa's built by King Osaka in 300 BC in honor of Buddha. Our guide says that Buddhism is really Hinduism in a practical way.