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~ A meeting place for devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda; part of this website. Light hearted, positive atmosphere with members from all over the world, including friends from India, Canada, South America and Europe.

~ Large, friendly online community with frequent posts on multiple topics. was one of the first, and may be the oldest, online community for devotees.

~ Rainbow Hearts Web site dedicated to unite members of the GLBT community who are followers of Paramahansa Yogananda; started as the result of the meeting of several gay and lesbian SRF members at the 2000 Convocation.

~ Students of Paramahansa Yogananda A Yahoo! Group; a place to discuss the teachings of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda and his line of Gurus as well as the lives of other saints and mystics.

~ Readers of Paramahansa Yogananda An ecumenical forum in 'Yahoo! Group' format, dedicated to discussions of the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda and other inspirational saints

~ Italian Message Board An MSN Group in Italian. Contains a lovely collection of Paramahansa Yogananda photographs, also viewable by non-members.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda Giri An MSN Group in Spanish. Includes a wealth of information, poems and images for Spanish speaking devotees.